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Why register a .online domain for your business

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We all know and understand that .COM is the king of domains, but what if the domain you are looking for is not available? We all look for alternative domain extension.

The latest launch of .ONLINE has broken all nTLD records,  it registered 28,000 domains in the first 30 minutes of launch, this is just in 1 registrar and  40,000 in less than 2 days! If you were waiting for the right TLD to focus on new domain extensions, there couldn’t be a better one.

Aside from the biggest nTLD launch ever, here is why we are excited (and think you should be too!) at the launch of .online:

  • It’s Intuitive & Easy to Understand – Resonates with what people are getting domains for – ‘to get online’
  • Brandable & Adaptable – .online is universal, versatile and can be used for anything under the sun. From businesses, portfolios, ecommerce stores, blogs to lolcats, everyone is ‘online’
  • Customers love .online! – .online emerged as the no. 1 choice of new domain buyers. 50% customers chose .online over other generics like .link, .click, .world etc, in a survey conducted across the globe
  • Millions already use ‘online’ – 1million+ existing domains have the term ‘online’. Users are already familiar with the term and use it as a filler while registering domains. 1 Million+ existing domains have the word ‘online and 160,000 of these were registered in last year itself
  • UnCOMplicate, UnCOMpromiseSimple, easy, short names, with a domain ending that makes sense and customers can get a catchy, high recall name – a name their visitors can’t forget
  • Understood in 24+ languages – No matter which part of the world you and your customers are from, .online is understood across the globe

It’s time to get started, it’s time to get .online.

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