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Why Cologne Design box packing is so essential

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Cologne and perfume packaging as name describes are specified for out of the ordinary cosmetics product “perfume”. It is a packaging through which you can stand out from the competition and worth billion you business but elegancy is a must condition.

Packaging speaks to the mind but even more so to the emotions.

Elegant condition is only assured by getting your message to audience, above the fold quality theme and extra-ordinary appealing look. Appealing look is not limited to perfumes but extend to huge type of fragrance products.

Concept of customization is realized in last decade and now trendier in industry. Getting your favored shape, color and size boxes leads you towards more conversion and accomplishment. Do you think getting rich quality customized boxes are next to impossible? Today’s technology has proved its worth not only in science but also in packaging techniques and process. Main benefit of customization that you can acquire is expiry date, barcode, logo, price; ingredients can be identified at desired position.

Different types for different cologne and perfumes:

Window cologne and perfume boxes are most demanding, these contains a plastic sheet just to make able to be seen the perfume bottles. This UV protected sheet prevents perfume from damaging and affecting inside. Many boxes are layered from inner side that helps in protecting them from sunlight and other factors that can lower the quality of fragrance. These contain chemicals so there reaction can be in intimate by just increasing or decreasing the temperature of box so you need protected packaging for them. Such types of bottles are packed in boxes that are particularly made for them and rich in quality. Self Cooling and self heating packaging technology is commonly used now-a-days. You can use specific material that maintains the temperature of the bottle and prevents them from any spoilage.

Perfume Gift Boxes:

Perfume is most stylish and lovable gift. Boxes for these gifts are designed to gift perfume and can be decorated through ribbons and greeting on them. Flowers also add values in gift. There are thousands of brands available that are loved as gifts. Out of the ordinary gifts are only possible through extra ordinary appealing packing.

Luxury Packaging for Perfumes:

There are hundreds of perfume brands in market; competition among them forced to focus not only on product quality but also on its visual effects. Packaging jump starts the sale and consider as the backbone especially in cosmetics business. When you are going to lead such brands packaging is the best tool for you with product quality. Without luxury packaging you can’t target above the salt people.

Cardboard as a material for perfume boxes:

Cardboard also use for packaging perfumes. If you are looking for economical packaging then this must you be your best choice as this is cheap and also have best quality. There are digital printing and die-cut printing that immensely used with CMYK colors to yield better quality and appealing look.

Display cologne and perfume boxes:

These boxes are used to display perfumes on counter, showcase them in front desk of the retail shop. If you need to increase specific perfume sale then these would be handy for you, display them for customer access. These not only helps in marketing but also in representing in better way.

Match box style:

These are like match box in shapeFree Web Content, Just like a tray these luxury packaging is very common in use. These boxes have more strength and grip in hands. You may love them just because these are easy to handle. These are environment friendly and made of recycle able material.

How Packaging Prevents form damaging?

Hard Packaging material prevents from spillage. Thick card material and cubic shapes strengthen the box and make safer from harmfulness. High density polystyrene is used to maintain the shape of box for long time. Inside box foam layers also help bottles and prevent them from brittleness. As this contains expensive fragrance so you should not get risk of spilling.

Whatever you are selling packaging has immense importance. Without proper packaging you can’t achieve your targets. So it is better way to increase your conversion and move towards branding by more focusing on packaging. This is sure that impressive packaging changes the decision of customer.

Briggs Harris is currently the project director at He is a man who has made so many meaningful contributions in the packaging industry. He worked as the team lead for 4 years at WPZ distribution LLC, where he proficiently led his team members, to greater heights. He also has 1 year retail experience at IML group, and 3 years of experience at print Cosmo, where he worked as the sales manager. Briggs Harris is a highly proficient marketing specialist. He has contributed several marketing ideas and strategies, that has helped businesses, both small and large, grow tremendously. He is very much interested in positions, where his impact can be felt, such as sales, marketing, brand building as well as advertisement. He holds a BBA Honors, in marketing and a MBA degree in marketing as well. With over four certifications in marketing, coupled with high qualification in the same field, you can tell the passion and quality that this marketing guru brings to the table.


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